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Certified Home Inspections in Palm Beach and Southern Florida

AHIT Certified Home Inspections in Southern Florida

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Certified Home Inspections in Palm Beach and Southern Florida Certified Home Inspections in Palm Beach and Southern Florida

What We Inspect

Home inspection services have been around for a considerable period of time. The services are aimed at providing assurance to the home owner or renter that the property in question is safe and sound. The assessment service will cover all corners of the home both interior surfaces, appliances as well as exterior. Getting the ideal home assessment services will go a long way in saving a home owner from trouble that might arise in future due to an underlying factor. In order to carry out the residential inspection, a firm will use proven strategies such as four point inspection which entails carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the appliances in the home, interior and also the exterior such as the roof as well as the pool. By carrying out a house inspection service, a customer will stand to gain in the following ways:

Structural Integrity

A home owner or renter needs to be assured of the property‘s safety and soundness. To do so, a residential assessment will be carried out. The service will shed light on the structural integrity of the property. The inspection will check the foundation, the stumps, the roof, the basement, the pool as well as other appliances. It is a known fact that overtime the home's structure will deteriorate through wear and tear, and if left unchecked, adverse effects will arise. The negative impacts are more prone to the home's exterior more than the interior due to the harsh weather and climatic condition. A proper inspection will provide insight on how stable a home is to withstand natural calamities such as strong winds, heavy downpour and constant contact among other factors.

Value Addition

Home assessment services are also used by home owners as well as potential home owners to find out more about a properties worth. A property owner would desire to ascertain how worthy a property is either as part of using the home as collateral or with intention of disposing off the property. An assessment will identify grey areas that will need repairs which if carried out will improve the value of the home. An investigation that points to a bad exterior such as a roof, walls, appliances or even the pool will require the home owner to immediately carry out the necessary refurbishment if intention is to get a higher value. A person looking to purchase a home will also instigate an examination of the home's interior as well as exterior to make sure the value of the home is worth the asking price.

Human and Environment Safety

Inspecting the home's interior which will include the walls, ceiling floor and appliances as well as the exterior such as the roof, walls or swimming pool is used to determine the safety of the home.It is a common observation to see properties being declared unfit for human habitation by local authorities. This might be attributed to a bad roof, a mould infested interior, a poorly kept swimming pool or non functional appliances. To comply with the stipulated health and safety standards, it would be necessary to assess the pool, the basement, the roof and other sectors and if need be carry out corrective repairs.